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Mexican food isn’t for all of us, but for those of us who’re able to recognize the world of flavor past the “higher than usual” spice level, it’s probably one of the best cuisines out there. There are so many foods that are

 home and fast food classics like Tacos and burritos, to name a few.

However, when it comes to seasoning, no sauce from Mexico is as famous as the Chipotle, a powerful yet balanced sauce made from smoking hot peppers (mostly of the Jalapeno kind) to create one of the best sauces to complement your food with.

The question is, where does one get quality Chipotle for their next roast? AdoboSauce.com would like a word with you.


About Us

We know how important it is for you to get only the best Chipotle sauce for your food, so we at AdoboSauce.com strive to bring you the best experience when it comes to getting the right Chipotle sauce.

We offer you a huge range of products to choose from, with all brands having had their sauces pass rigorous food testing standards to be labeled as safe for consumption.

Besides, even though their flavors may vary a little, no matter what sauce you choose, you’re only going to experience the authentic Chipotle flavor.


Why Get Yourself A Bottle of Chipotle

Let’s face it, ketchup is way too sweet to be any good for seasoning your pasta or roast if you want a good spicy kick from it. And while other sauces may produce a similar spicy effect, no other sauce can truly capture the heat or smoky flavor that only Chipotle can provide. Not to mention the proven health benefits of Chipotle. That’s right, this is one sauce that not only makes your food extremely delicious but also makes it healthier.

As it turns out, the peppers used in Chipotle are great for developing your immune system, strengthening it when they’re ingested to make them more resistant to future attacks. Chipotle is even a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, such as vitamin A and C, and iron and potassium.


The Different Kinds Available

Chipotle sauces differ mainly on their composition and how much peppers were used in conjunction with the smoked peppers. As stated above, the main ingredients in Chipotle sauce are the smoked hot peppers, but each company has their version of the Chipotle sauce based on the different recipes

they use to make it.

Some opt to make a milder flavored sauce, adding things like lemon and tomato paste to reduce the heat of the peppers.

After all, Chipotle is something everyone should be able to enjoy. Others like to give their customers the full-blown experience, with sauces that are hot enough to bring tears to your eyes.



All in all, the Chipotle sauce is one you should always have in your fridge, ready to take out a moment’s notice when you’re in the mood for something spicy. Just be sure the heat rating on the sauce so you don’t buy one that is too hot for you to handle, ok?