Chipotle Spice Powder For Classic Mexican Recipes

Chipotle Spice Powder

Chipotle Spice Powder

Chipotle spice powder and chipotle chilis pickled in adobo sauce are a must for Mexican cuisine.

Chipotle chilies are smoked jalapeno chilies, which give them a pleasant smoke flavor and lose water.

The consistency is similar to that of oiled tomatoes and you can also use them similarly. This typical Mexican specialty is very spicy in taste.


One of the most important elements of this kitchen is the skillful game with the taste of sharpness and smoke.

Chipotles are mature, smoked jalapenos. Because jalapenos are poorly dried due to their relatively thick pulp, they are smoked to keep them.

Made By Aztecs

Even the Aztecs knew this form of preservation by smoking. Even today, in many parts of Mexico, smelting is done in the traditional way of the Aztecs, where two holes are excavated in the ground, connected by a tunnel.

In one of the holes, a fire is kindled with the wood of the mesquite tree. In the other hole, the jalapenos are laid on a wooden frame.

The smoke then envelops the chilies through the draft of air between the tunnels, which at the same time dry and are smoked.

How Is Chipotle Chiles Adobo Sauce Made?

If you let the green pods ripen longer, they turn red. And then you are ready for smoking. Because the thick pulp begins to mold in a normal drying process in the air.

By smoking, the jalapenos on the outside become almost black and at the same time much sharper, than fresh chilies, because they are deprived of moisture.

Then they are either finely ground – or coarsely crumbled into flakes.

What Do Chipotles Taste Like?

Its aroma gives vegetarian food the taste of smoked bacon or grilled meat.

Therefore, chipotles taste delicious, for example, in a vegetarian spaghetti all’amatriciana variety.

Bolognese or a Carbonara get even more intense when adding some chipotle spice powder.


In addition, not only sauces and meat can be refined with Chipotles. Even cocktails get a thrilling note by the taste of smoke.

Flavoring salt for tequila with the chipotle spice powder, it is best to use slightly moist, coarse sea salt.

How To Use Chipotles With The Dosage Of Chipotles?

You should dose also carefully as Scharfessen – Chipotles lie as far as their sharpness concerns with 5,000 to 10,000.

Scoville (compared to fresh Jalapenos, which are only 1,000 Scoville on the scale).


The Chipotle spice powder is very well used in grated meats and marinades, and the whole pods crumble in pasta sauces.

For marinades and rubs stir about 1 teaspoon of the chipotle spice powder with other spices, garlic, and lemon juice in olive oil.

For sauces, add the powder at the end of the cooking process.


The Famous Adobo Sauce

Anyone who has become curious about Mexican cuisine can not avoid a very typical ingredient: adobo sauce.

Here whole chipotles are inserted into a viscous tomato and vinegar sauce.


This way the chipotle pods can be processed very well because they have already absorbed a lot of moisture and are very soft.

In Mexico, the pods are often filled and used throughout or are part of typical sauces with beans and vegetables.

The adobo sauce also provides a delicious base for an aromatic chili-con-carne.


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