Adobo Chipotle Seasoning To Add An Extra Touch Of Mexican Spice

make adobo chipotle seasoning

Chipotle Seasoning

Chipotle seasoning is an original Mexican seasoning that was brought to the world on wheels and instantly walked up the steps to insurmountable fame. It is a perfect fit for making your ordinary recipes mouthwatering and delicious. You can use the seasoning for numerous cuisines and dishes.

It is easy to make, the spices are readily available throughout the world, and is delicious to taste. In addition to chicken, vegetables, seafood, and pork, it also goes well with soups, stews, and sauces.


Why Is It Called Chipotle Seasoning?

Chipotle seasoning is so-called because the main pepper used in it is chipotle. Chipotle is, in fact, a dried variety of jalapeno that has been roasted to give it a smoky flavor. It has a hot and spicy flavor; the hotness of the pepper is not piercing but gives a little thrill to the tongue.

For making the seasoning the roasted chipotle is first pounded to fine powder-like paprika. You can also appreciate the presence of this dried red jalapeno seasoning in sauces like adobo and various other Mexican dishes.

chipotle seasoning


How To Make Chipotle Seasoning At Home?

You can easily make chipotle seasoning at home in few simple steps. But first of all, you may need to collect the following ingredients.


Ingredients For Chipotle Seasoning:

  • Crushed chipotle peppers
  • Any chili powder (preferably chipotle chili powder)
  • Paprika powder (better if it’s made from roasted paprika)
  • Roasted ground cumin
  • Garlic powder
  • Oregano
  • Ground coriander
  • Sea salt


Quantity And Recipe

You will need equal quantities of all these ingredients depending on the amount of seasoning you plan on making. Or you can choose to have half the amount of chipotle pepper and sea salt compared to other ingredients. You’ll just have to mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and the chipotle seasoning will be ready.



It has a long storage life of up to 4 months but you need to store it in an airtight container. The long shelf-life serves as an added bonus since it prevents you from having to make it fresh every time you need it.


How To Get The Most Out Of Chipotle Seasoning?

Chipotle seasoning can be used in a lot of dishes and has the power to make them taste delicious beyond words. But for this, you might want to know what the best way to use it is. If you like to have spicier foods, you can simply increase the amount of chipotle pepper, and if you prefer milder tastes, just bring it down a little.

If you use a tablespoon of each ingredient, the seasoning could be enough for at least 10 meals with a medium spice. It also goes well with turkey, shrimps, chicken, steaks, pork, and fish, or any other kind of meat. Moreover, you can sprinkle it on your popcorns, tortillas, nuts, crackers, and sandwiches, etc.


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