Adobo Chipotle Seasoning to Add an Extra Touch of Pep to a Stew or any Roast Meat

make adobo chipotle seasoning

If you have ever done adobo with any chile, you will know that this can take time. To make adobo chipotle seasoning you have to toast the chiles and clean them well.

Furthermore, you have to liquefy them with other ingredients, etc.

Chipotle is obtained by subjecting to a long process of smoking peppers of various species, mainly of the variety “Jalapeno”.

Three Different Forms of Chipotle on The Market

Dried: as a consequence of the smoking process, the peppers will be dried and can be consumed as they are.

Can be added to various dishes, both as a chipotle seasoning and during the cooking process of food. It is hardly located outside of Mexico.


“Escabeche”: rehydrated in a sort of semi-aqueous syrup, called “escabeche”, generally composed of vinegar, water, and spices.

The recipe knows many variations that include onion, carrot, cloves and other vegetables.

It also contains a calibrated amount of sugar and salt. The chipotle escabeche has a reddish color, due to the natural coloring of dried peppers, a smoky, spicy, sweet and sour taste.

Can also be used alone as a condiment. This is considered the best quality of chipotle on the market. Being a local product, it is unlikely to be found outside Mexico.


“Adobo”: always rehydrated (softened) and seasoned in a sauce more dense than escabeche but with similar ingredients and even tomato past.

Generally sold in cans, of various brands, which allow a long conservation suitable for export.

It is a good quality chipotle seasoning that can be found easily even outside Mexico.


The rehydrated chipotle: generally consumed raw. If used to cook food, it is preferable to add it towards the end of cooking so as not to weaken the taste of smoked.

Chipotle seasoning can be used on many dishes such as meat, fish, shellfish, lobster.

As well as with sausages, hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, potatoes cooked in various ways, beans, breading and more.

It is an ingredient for the preparation of sauces of many kinds, mixed with other elements.


Recipes with chipotle seasoning: These are widely used in the cuisine of Mexico in the preparation of many typical dishes of the area, such as fajitas, enchiladas, burritos or as an accompaniment to chicken.

They are also used to prepare Mexican sauces with a spicy touch and a smoky flavor.

The chipotles are ideal to add a smoky touch to any dish in a simple and fast way.

Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

It is important to know the properties of the food we consume to carry out a varied and balanced diet that provides all the nutrients that our body needs.

It is proven that chipotle peppers are good for the immune system.

They are a source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, such as vitamins A and C, iron and potassium. Also, they have very few calories.


The chipotle also helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore, it contains a substance called capsaicin with medicinal properties.

Thus, the consumption of these peppers helps to prevent poor digestion, hemorrhoids, and arthritis.

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