Quick And Tasty Chipotle Adobo Sauce Recipes

Chipotle Adobo Sauce Recipes

This chipotle adobo sauce is great with burgers, sandwiches and as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets!

The most important ingredients are chipotles in adobo sauce. These smoky-hot jalapenos give the sauce a right kick.

Ingredients For A Good 500 ml Chipotle Adobo Sauce:

• 400 ml of salad mayonnaise

• 140 ml ketchup

• 130 g of Dijon mustard

• 250 g (2-3 pieces) Chipotles in Adobo

• 1 tsp canned adobo sauce

• 12 tablespoons of lemon juice

• 2 teaspoons smoked paprika powder


All ingredients are added together in the blender. With the Chipotles you should be careful with the dosage.

Small chilies have a real fire and if you are not careful, the sauce is quickly too hot.

Therefore, it is recommended to first give a chipotle less in the blender and then to try. You can still refuel, take out sharpness, however, is not so easy.

When all the ingredients are mixed together and the chipotles are minced, you have a wonderful burger and sandwich sauce.

Ideally, let the sauce pass through the fridge overnight, because only then will it unfold its full aroma.


If you do not want to wait that long, you can also use it immediately. A burger with creamy sauce is a poem!


The creamy Chipotle adobo sauce has a great aroma from the Chipotles and the smoked paprika powder.

The sharpness can be dosed on the basis of the added Chipotles in Adobo. Have fun imitating – it’s worth it!


A similar recipe also uses the sandwich chain Subway for their Mexican Southwest sauce.

But the smoked paprika powder is missing, the ketchup and the lemon are replaced by lime.

In any case, an ingenious sauce that you should absolutely try!

How To Use Chipotle Pepper When Cooking?

It is one of the little secrets of Mexican cuisine and American cuisine in general.

Like all peppers, Chipotle can be used in all dishes, even a little sweetened as we will see.

In What Form Should This Pepper Be Used?

You can use it whole by infusing it in a sauce or dish in sauce, you can also detail it and integrate it into your dishes or pass it through a blender to make a smoked ground chili pepper.

In any case, beware of the seeds that contain the most spiciness, depending on your taste for spiciness, remove some, or leave them.

Where To Use Chipotle?

As for the whole chili pepper on sale here, you can use it macerated in your soups, sauces, simmered dishes. It is an excellent pepper for flavoring oils, vinegar, and vinaigrettes.

You can use it to make homemade Tabasco or BBQ sauce.

As for the detailed or ground Chipotle, you can add it absolutely anywhere.


I particularly appreciate it in vegetable and legume dishes such as green beans, dried beans, lentils, or peas.

Use it to spice up and flavor your meats, whether poultry or red meats, but also your fish. Simply sprinkle it on at the end of cooking.

Reduced to powder, it spices up nachos, tacos, burritos, guacamole sauces, and other Latin recipes.

Chipotle adobo sauce can be used for dips, fish rillettes, spreads, hummus, etc.

Use It To Flavor Your Potato Dishes, Rice, Pasta, Etc.

It is used very well in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in general, as a substitute for Vera chili pepper: dried tomatoes, preparation of olives, fresh cheeses, tapas, cooking with olive oil, chorizo, paella, soubressade, txistorra, lomo, morcon, etc.

In terms of association, this smoked Mexican chili pepper goes well with coriander, cardamom, yuzu, or combava.


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